With all the affected bullshit out there in the music world, coming across something genuine has become somewhat of a rarity. Nothing Cobra Collective does is necessarily original, but it needn't be if what this band is doing is true enough to its cause.... and its cause is producing loud, raucous-yet-controlled, politically-tinged rock music.

Veterans of the DC rock scene, since 2007 Cobra Collective has combined a post-punk vibe with a genuine desire to incite its audience. Shut-up, stand up, move. This sense of provocation towards the typically passive DC crowd permeates the atmosphere at each and every show.

Gone from each set are the typical put-on vocals, the phony airs, the overdone fop, and the rich-kid-sense-of-entitlement-made-possible-by-parental-subsidy that hovers over so many of the "full time" bands in DC these days. For that reason, Cobra Collective might seem a little out of place in its digs, but that's not such a bad thing.

Upcoming Shows:

IOTA Club and Cafe with The Do Likes and Invisible Witches
Friday, November 14th
9:00PM - $10

Studio & Live Recordings:

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Cobra Collective is:
Scott Westfall - Vocals
David Barker - Guitar
Dexter Fontaine - Drums
Brad Johnson - Bass
Please contact booking@cobracollective.com for further info.

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